Many people have absolutely have no idea that actually wearing a decent vintage girdle that is firm and boned has serious health benefits.  It has to do with the fact as humans we stand erect, standing erect with gravity over a period of time does have a very negative effect by pulling our internal organs out of their normal natural position.  Choosing to wear a decent vintage style girdle everyday will for sure counteract this negative effect by supporting and holding your internal organs and your stomach muscles in their normal and natural position.

Women who choose not to wear a decent girdle or corset daily and once they become pregnant stand a very good chance of losing their figure.  There is now evidence if a women chooses to daily be in a well fitted girdle and is pregnant she will not lose her figure.  A woman needs to start as early as possible wearing a girdle daily (ideally by no later than 12 years old) once married and become pregnant a woman should wear a pregnancy girdle during pregnancy, as soon as delivery they should go right back to a regular girdle without question.  This will guarantee of you not losing ones figure, which sadly is all to common. Below are the steps to take to benefit daily being in a girdle.  Do not listen to negative opinions that girdles are uncomfortable and other stuff – they are just not true.

Please read these articles – this was a study done by Cornell University back around 1958 but it still applies today:

This article was done by the University of Nebraska in 1956:

Men can also benefit from being girdled, by not wearing a decent girdle daily you stand a very good chance over time standing erect will have a very negative effect on your body and your internal organs and muscles.  A decent vintage style girdle that is very firm and boned will hold and will give well need support of your internal organs and hold them in their normal natural position.

If you can it is a good idea to find a professional corsetiere for both a fitting and some helpful consulting.  Below are some tips on how to become use to and be able to benefit from daily being girdled.  You might find following these instruction you will be pleasantly surprised, I was.

1. First being fitted in the right kind of foundation garment for your life style and your figure.  This has a lot to with how active you are.  If you are less active a corset might be good for you, if you are more active being in a vintage girdle that is firm and boned is best for you and allows you to be very active.  To get the best benefit of a decent vintage girdle, first measure your hips and your waist, make sure you purchase a girdle that is 2 sizes tighter.  Do not be concerned about going tighter keep in mind a girdle will stretch and going tighter does give you needed control and support. You obviously do not want to go too tight which will also give you a muffin top and can become quite uncomfortable.  Using your normal measurements will not give you needed support and control.

THE DIFFERENCE IN A GIRDLE AND A CORSET.  A corset will pull and hold your stomach in and give your figure molding and training.  If you choose to be corseted keep in mind a corset can potentially restrict your movement, but it will for your sure hold and support your stomach and is very helpful for figure training.  It is recommended that if you are going for figure training when out of a corset you need to be in a vintage girdle to help support your figure.  If you go with a corset there are what are known as corset liners, it is a good idea to instead of wearing a corset liner but to wear a long legged high waisted panty girdle under the corset.

A girdle does not really pull you in and hold in your belly like a corset, but will give you well needed support and control.

In my case I am quite active, my corsetiere talked to me about this, for work I sit a lot working on computers which has had a very negative effect on my posture, she put me in Rago 6210 a long legged high waist boned and zippered panty girdle which I personally found very beneficial for sitting and standing and just getting around, but still allowed for me to be very active.  I found my posture improved 100 percent – I was really amazed how wearing a decent girdle everyday is so beneficial. I also discovered I have far more energy.

There are of course other girdles like Custom Maid 299 – Custom Maid 612 – Rago 6224 – Grenier 1557 – great girdles that I do recommend.

2. Learn how to properly put on a girdle to get the most benefit of being in a girdle. Lay down on your bed, lean way back, pull up your knees this takes your internal organs and pulls them back into their normal natural position.  Then pull up your girdle hook up the hooks and eyes and pull up your zipper and stand up.   I was amazed how great I felt when I stood up being well encased, held in and supported, I had much more energy and 100 percent improved posture.

3. Learn how to keep your stomach relaxed and just rely on a girdle and foundation wear for supporting your posture.  Do not fight against the girdle keep a open mind and just allow things to happen. This is probably the most important part, but one of the hardest things to do.  It takes time to get use to being in a vintage girdle like a few weeks to even a few months, but it is really so beneficial. Remember the girdle is designed to hold and support your internal organs and your stomach and back muscles in their normal natural position. Just be patient with yourself and keep reminding yourself to keep relaxed.  What you will experience is much more energy and confidence, but it does take time, it is seriously well worth it. What I found for myself after a few weeks you do get to the point where you feel quite uncomfortable if you are not girdled.

4. Then developing a daily routine – wake up each morning, clean up and put on your girdle.  Go on with your day.  Keep in mind also developing a daily routine and habit can also take a few weeks to months, so be patient with yourself, the benefits are definitely there.  There is a misconception that wearing a girdle is for only getting dressed up, a girdle should be also worn when just relaxing around the house in shorts, sweats, watching television, reading, or just working in your garden.

It is at first a good idea to purchase a minimum of 3 girdles, one to wear, one in your girdle draw, the other to cold wash and air dry.  This way for sanitary reasons it is a good idea to rotate daily.  If you are somewhat concerned about being in a vintage girdle that is very firm and boned it might be a good idea even though not really recommended to first start with some form of light shapewear like Spanx then move to a lighter girdle – then go to a moderate – and finally to a very firm vintage girdle. Another recommended way to become use to the benefits of a girdle is purchase a decent vintage girdle start out wearing it for 2 to 3 hours a day, if your girdle at first becomes somewhat uncomfortable take it off and go without a girdle for short period of time and then put the girdle back on, or go into your girdle draw and change girdles.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN: OBG (Open Bottom Girdles) and LLHWPG (Long legged high waist panty girdle). It depends a lot on your figure and your personal needs to which type is best for you and of course your personal tastes.  OBG you should wear hose to attach to your garters on your girdle – your girdle will hold your hose in place. LLPG or LLHWPG can offer you both you can wear hose attached to the garters on your girdle or you can wear with panty hose over the top of the girdle or just wear the girdle. All of this has to do with personal preferences and your needs likes and dislikes.

In a women’s case it is best to wear a long line bra along with a girdle to get the best out of foundation wear. Keep in mind both a bra and a girdle are meant to go together and actually compliment each other.

LITTLE KNOWN:   There is also a large misconception that wearing a girdle or a corset is just for getting all dressed up.  This is not true, a girdle or a corset should be worn everyday without question even when just relaxing around your house in shorts and sweats. Going to the gym working in your garden riding your bike watching television.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind everybody is different, some people can just jump right in and go right away into a vintage girdle, some it can take longer.  Keep a positive outlook and a open mind, trust me the benefits are there being daily girdled, you really will be happy after you went through “Girdle Training”.

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Let me know your comments and your personal experience with a girdle or a corset.

Recommended professional corsetiere who can help you.  Her name is Christine phone: (707) 303-7261

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